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26/1/2017· There''s slightly more latent heat in higher pressure steam, but the overriding factor comes from the steam temperature. 30 PSIG steam is 274°F while the 5 PSIG steam is 227°F. You''ll need more heat transfer surface at 5 PSIG than at 15 PSIG. If you had 5 PSIG in the shell vs. 15 PSIG, you would need about 35% more surface.

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Earthwool Space Blanket R1.8 75mm x 1200mm x 10000mm 12m² Insulation Metal Roof - Pack of 1. (2) $175. Available. in-store only. Compare. Ametalin 1350mm x 60m SilverWrap Micro-perforated HD Vapour Permeable Reflective Wall Insulation. (0) $149.

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hydraulic hoses low & medium pressure hose ph254–r2at/2sn ph253–r1at/1sn ph176–triflex ph257–1sc ph258–2sc ph293–r17 ph213–3000psi ph214–4000psi

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The risk of corrosion under insulation is minimized by the hydrophobic yet vapour-permeable design, protecting the assets long term. Pyrogel HPS delivers the best value for high temperature service. Pyrogel XTE excels at CUI prevention and in medium pressure steam service. If you need thermal insulation and passive fire protection, Pyrogel XTF

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28/6/2005· The pressure rating must be at least equal to the design MAWP. Again ASME/ASTM SA/A 234 or SA/A 105 B 16.5 give the specific requirements for these fittings. Valves will also be marked with their pressure rating along with the type of service permitted to be used. The ASME codes specify which types of valves and fittings are permitted to be

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Recommended insulation thickness for heating systems like hot water and low, medium or high pressure steam systems. Sponsored Links To avoid heat loss and reduced system efficiency - pipe work in heating systems should always be insulated.

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2. For a two (or more) phase medium (e.g. a mixture of gas and liquid (such as wet steam), solid particles and liquid or solid particles and gas) AS IS ALWAYS REQUIRED. 3. Pure clean gases should not require AS. 4. If there is any doubt always use AS. (Often customers do not know the electrical conductivity of the medium passing through the hose)

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Steam lines should be arranged to fall in the direction of flow, at not less than 100 mm per 10 metres of pipe (1:100). Steam lines rising in the direction of flow should slope at not less than 250 mm per 10 metres of pipe (1:40). Steam lines should be drained at regular intervals of 30-50 m and at any low points in the system.

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Cellular glass insulation is composed of crushed glass coined with a cellulating agent. These components are mixed, placed in a mold, and then heated to a temperature of approximately 950 oF. During the heating process, the crushed glass turns to a liquid. Decomposition of the cellulating agent will cause the mixture to expand and fill the mold.

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Swagelok hose and flexible tubing products, used everywhere from semiconductor fabriion facilities to tire manufacturing plants and many industrial appliions in between, are designed to provide reliable service in a wide range of conditions. Our hose and tubing products are available in custom lengths, in diameters 2 inches and under, and

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Pipeline sizing. The objective of the steam distribution system is to supply steam at the correct pressure to the point of use. It follows, therefore, that pressure drop through the distribution system is an important feature. Liquids. D''Arcy (D''Arcy Thompson 1860 - 1948) added that for fluid flow to occur, there must be more energy at Point 1

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316/316L 1/8-hard and heavy annealed tubing in lengths of 20 ft. and metric lengths up to 6 meters for use with Swagelok medium-pressure fittings as a complete solution. Cold-drawn 1/8-hard tubing has increased material strength which allows for reduced wall thickness and enhanced flow through the same diameter tube. All Swagelok medium-pressure tubing is …

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Pipe and Valve Insulation. Removable insulation covers for valves and flanges are an effective, convenient, and low cost solution to reduce heat loss and lower energy bills. The pipe and valve insulation line is designed to fit an array of fittings and sizes, and can be used on almost any appliion that requires thermal processing.

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B. Medium Pressure Steam and Trapped Condensate Piping: 1. Pipe 2 inches and smaller: Carbon steel, ASTM A53, Grade B, seamless, Schedule 80. a. Fittings: 125 lb., cast iron, screwed, conforming to ANSI B16.4. Thread-o-lets may be used when the branch line is 1/3 the main size or less. b. Joints: Screwed. c. Unions: Class 300 malleable iron. 2

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FOAMGLAS ® cellular glass insulation, by Owens Corning is ideal for pipes, equipment, vessels, tanks, chemical processing and above and underground steam and chilled water piping. FOAMGLAS ® has operating temperatures from-450 ° F to +900 ° F (-268 ° C to +482 °C). Product Data Sheet and SDS. Mineral Wool Pipe Insulation

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6/6/2018· Our Kool-Kore is a factory pre-insulated, low cost polyvinyl chloride piping system for underground chilled water system. It may be used for water only in temperatures up to 73ºF and a pressure of 160 psi, or up to 120ºF if pressure is reduced to 60 psi. The carrier pipe is a lightweight, corrosion resistant, Class 160 PVC.

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1/1/1993· The rundown lines were traced with medium pressure steam (about 370 F) and insulated with fibreglass while valves on this line were insulated with calcium silie. A paper coating on the flbreglass and a black mesh material supporting the calcium silie 09s0 4230/92/010061 02 1993 Butterworth-Hejnenann Ltd were coustible, but the mass of these …

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Steam Tables. Steam and temperature posess a reliable realtionship whereby if the pressure of the steam is know its temperature can be predicted (and vice versa). Below is a graph and table of this relationship. Gauge Pressure (BAR) Temperature °C. Gauge Pressure (BAR) Temperature °C. Gauge Pressure (BAR)

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Insulation of Piping. Piping plays a central role in many industrial processes in chemical or petrochemical installations such as power plants, as it connects core components such as appliances, columns, vessels, boilers, turbines etc. with one another and facilitates the flow of materials and energy. To guarantee a correct process cycle, the

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Hydraulic Hoses are used for high pressure fluid power appliions on mobile and fixed machinery. Our reinforced hoses can fit a wide variety of adapters and fittings.Our hydraulic hose is designed for use with petroleum- and water-based hydraulic fluids. Can handle gasoline, diesel fuels, mineral oils, glycol, lubriing oils and more. Hydraulic hoses handle high pressures in …

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Low-pressure boilers operate at a lower pressure and reach lower temperatures than high-pressure steam boilers. Water in low-pressure boilers is not heated beyond 250ºF, and the steam pressure does not exceed 15 psi (pounds per square inch). Low-pressure steam can be more economical to produce than high-pressure steam, as it requires less


1. 16°C through 100°C - i.e. Hot water and steam condensate. 2. 101°C through 315°C - i.e. Steam, high temperature hot water. C. HIGH TEMPERATURE THERMAL INSULATION 1. 316°C through 815°C - i.e. Turbines, breechings, stacks, exhausts, incinerators, boilers. 2.2 GENERIC TYPES AND FORMS OF INSULATION

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A steam tracing is a heat tracing which use the steam as heating medium. The heating medium of steam tracing can be saturated Low Pressure (LP) Steam or Medium Pressure (MP) Steam or High Pressure (HP) Steam. The condensing temperature can be about 150-180 ­ 0 C (for LP steam) or 200-270 0 C (for MP steam) and 350-400 0 C (HP steam).

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Thousands of customers across the US have trusted removable insulation blankets by Thermaxx to improve the energy efficiency, safety, & appearance of their boiler rooms & more. Our customers choose our products for their buildings, facilities, and campuses because of the benefits and advantages they have over traditional stay-in-place


faucets, interior and exterior hose bibs, shut off valves at pluing fixtures, HVAC terminal devices, and similar rough-in connections of end use fixtures and units. List each tagged valve in the valve schedules for each piping system. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS LAST REVISED: JUNE 1 2011 b. Provide 1 ½” – 2” diameter, 19 gauge, polished brass valve tags with black paint filled …

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Test conditions for example plots: Environment temperature: 23°C (73°F) Air flow: Isolated in a chaer with no air flow. Media Pressure: 6 to 10 psi (0.41 to 0.68 bar) Media Flow Rate: 22 to 26 l/min. Media type: Liquid. Free air around hose: 6 in (15.2 cm) For more information about Swagelok insulated hose, contact to Swagelok Thailand.

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This steam trap is therefore acting mostly as a “steam cooler” wasting steam from the Steam Main. Note the nice insulation job however; this is probably keeping the problem from being much worse. Condensate should always be drained from the BOTTOM of the steam line in low sections of pipe and at changes in direction, such as a 90 Degree turn. Condensate from …

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Add to Compare. Armaflex Tubolit Pipe Insulation Polyethylene Foam Single Lengths-1M-35mm-13mm-Wall. £1.49 £1.24. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Armaflex Tubolit Pipe Insulation Polyethylene Foam Single Lengths-2M-10mm-13mm-Wall. £1.66 £1.38. Add to Cart.

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Brand Name SUPERLON/SUPREME/TOTALINE. we are offering insulation hose. • description. superlon / supreme/ total line ® is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric nitrile foam material designed primarily for thermal insulation. our products comes in black or other colors, & is available either in tubing or sheet form. the extruded flexible